Daily Dose: When “us vs. them” becomes more important than our values

Lakoff empathy

Those who read the blog will know that it was about the importance of effectively communicating progressive values based on empathy to keep progressive ideas alive, and how excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s new book showed a lack of those progressive values. I pointed out that Clinton attacking Sanders reinforced conservative authoritarian values based on self-interest and discipline. The entire last paragraph discussed how progressives could start evoking THEIR values, and keep progressive ideas alive.
The comments on social media provided a stark illustration of the “us vs. them” mindset of many Democrats, and how it is preventing us from addressing the lack of real progressive values in Democratic strategy. Instead of considering the problem of “hypocognition” in progressive values and ideas, many people reacted in the “us vs. them” frame, responding to what they perceived as an attack on “us”. No one wanted to discuss what our values are as progressives. Unfortunately, “us vs. them” reinforces conservative authoritarian values and suppresses empathy and progressive values (this should be self-evident).
If you buy into this “us vs. them” worldview, then there can be no questioning or criticism of existing strategy – even when Democrats (especially in Wisconsin) have had such a terrible election record over the past seven years. I shouldn’t have to point out that it’s the same mindset that George W. Bush evoked when he said that “either you are with us or against us” in the so-called “war on terror.”
Values matter, and so does the language that evokes them. For the most part, the progressive values that make us who we are are unconscious. You don’t wake up, look in the mirror, and tell yourself what your core progressive values are every day. They are just part of you, and they are largely unconscious. But most of us also have the capacity to act on conservative authoritarian values, thereby reinforcing and strengthening them – as many top Democrats have shown!
That’s the point – for progressives, in this time of overt conservative authoritarian dominance, it is even more important to make your empathetic, “caring for others” language and action in politics conscious. Especially if you are at the forefront of the Democratic Party. Failure to do so contributes to the death of progressive ideas in our world.
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  1. Progressives preach of fairness, however, their actions and their words are in contradiction to each other. They claim that the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes, however, they don’t do anything to change that paradigm.


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